Other NET RMA Priority Projects



In 2009, the North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority (NET RMA), working through its twelve member counties and with other key transportation stakeholders, developed a list of over 124 needed transportation projects within the 12-county region.  The needed projects involved roadway, grade separation, toll road, freight rail, commuter rail, higher-speed passenger rail, bicycle and pedestrian, aviation, transit and public transportation facilities.

Development of the short range priority projects

At the January 26, 2010 NET RMA Board Meeting, Chairman Austin asked all NET RMA Board Members to meet with their County Officials, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) District and Area Office officials, and with key city personnel and other major stakeholders within their counties in order to determine the three (3) most important needed transportation projects in their County.  The Board Members were to bring back their list of top three transportation projects to the March 24, 2010 Board Meeting.

Once identified, the top three transportation projects in each county were combined to make a final list of the top 36 transportation projects within the NET RMA Region.  This list became the list of top Short-Range Priority Projects that the NET RMA would like to plan, design, and construct within the next five to ten years.