Past Road Enhancements

Completed 2022

Installing and Implementing Tolling System

Updated tolling systems to improve the accuracy of billing.

Road Resurfacing

Resurfacing section from US69 West to FM2493 with a liquid asphalt seal for a water barrier followed by a new 2” asphalt riding surface called SuperPave asphalt

Completed 2021

Road Resurfacing

Resurfaced section from SH31 to IH20 with seal coat to preserve and enhance the current roadway surface

Completed 2020

Passing Lanes

Widened roadway to accommodate the expansion of passing opportunities from two to 13 total miles of passing lanes

Reflective Striping

Increased reflective striping above required statewide standards


Added 4-foot reflective centerline delineators in various areas to better delineate opposing lanes, replaced annually

Rumble Strips

Added new addition for the entire length of the roadway to define audible separation between opposing lanes

Guard Rail End Treatment

Upgraded guard rail to enhance roadside safety of the facility for vehicles departing the road

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