Resources for Cooperating/Participating Agencies

Coordination with Cooperating/Participating Agencies is one of the first steps of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process.

Thank you for your interest in the proposed Toll 49, Segment 6. As noted in your invitation letter, draft project materials are available for agency review below. Should you have any questions, please contact the EIS Lead Agency by calling Scott Ford, TxDOT Environmental Affairs Division, at (512) 416-2687.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will delay scheduling the scoping meetings for several months. TxDOT and the North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority (NET RMA) continue to monitor public health guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the state of Texas regarding large public events. You will be sent an invitation when the meetings are scheduled. The comment period for agency comments will extend 15 days beyond the Agency Scoping Meeting. Agency comments will be requested for submission to the EIS Lead Agency.

What is a Cooperating and Participating Agency?

  • Cooperating Agencies are federal and state resource agencies like the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Environmental Protection Agency, and US Fish and Wildlife Service that have jurisdiction by law. Responsibilities of a Cooperating Agency include participating in the scoping process, developing information for the EIS, if applicable, and providing staff support for the timely review and preparation of the EIS.
  • Participating Agencies are state, tribal, and local resource agencies like Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and the local county and cities that have an interest in the project. Responsibilities of a Participating Agency include providing comments, responses, studies, or methodologies on those areas within the special expertise or jurisdiction of the agency; and using the process to address any environmental issues of concern to the agency.

For a list of all agencies invited, please see the Draft Coordination Plan in the draft project materials.

For more information about the proposed project and the concurrent public involvement process, find out more on the Toll 49, Segment 6 webpage.